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January 21, 2015
A new designer has joined with Trash to Trend - Elar Kosseson with his brand Kummi vööbik. Elar is making belts out of used bicycle tires.

These belts are Elar's first attempt to make a product made of reused materials. Elar was working as a bike mechanic and had many bike tires excessively. So he needed to get rid of those by cutting them into smaller pieces but had a flash idea of making something new out of them. Tires are all in different width and patterns so he was thinking why not to try to make a belt, first just for himself. It is perfect hobby for him because it needs a good amount of time and patience to make them all look perfect.

Sag+Sal is bringing colour to this blog post. They added recently bags with new colour combinations to Trash to Trend web shop. There is new tone available - pale blue!

Colourful news from HoseWear, also! Red laptop bag is on sale on Trash to Trend web shop.
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