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Upcycling Design Competition overview (4)

March 03, 2014
Next 5 design ideas from Trash to Trend Upcycling Design Competition with comments of jury are outlined in this blogpost!

Comments from jury to dress from bedlinen by Tyre Helen Loe:

  • Nice personal approach
  • The idea though could be developed

Bicycle tubes to dress by Kirstine Marie Hansen received following comments:

  • Interesting and beautiful surface
  • Handcrafts feeling and I mean that it`s very good feeling nowadays
  • Weaved strips, it`s something feeling about building in a traditional way
  • New material and so different looking, what fabrics are but work with it almost like fabric

Coffeebag by Maazk & Zuzi received following comments:

  • Ready, commercialized concept 
  • This is one of the more traditional approaches – already seen in many similar items

Afterlife tunic juniper by KutshiMutshi received following comments: 

  • The material source is not difficult to find 
  • Good explanations for the recycling
  • The design was interesting and seemed to be well done
  • Also an inspiring example for a larger public – how to create something new from old sweaters!

R Bear by Maris Aare received following comments:

• Exceptional, personal idea 
• Ready story and concept
• Inspiring and perfect for DIY

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