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Upcycling Design Competition overview (3)

February 27, 2014
This blogpost gives an overview of comments from jury to the following 4 design ideas from post-consumer waste category.

The collection „Trash of Society“ by Damaris Moos received following comments:
• Not a new concept but nicely performed
• Designs were more like showpieces but very inspiring
• Everything is possible! ”To destroy is to create”, as the designer says

Shirts into backpacks by Yanina Raspa received following comments:
• Simple design. Ready, smart concept
• Good utility and scope of using any type of garments or textiles waste at pre or post consumer stage 
• From business viability this project is outstanding
• Could be extended to other items

Comments from jury to hooded jacket by Caro Schröder:
• She has a bigger scope of creating a social business and dealing with pre and post consumer wastes at the same time
• Unique design with signature style to give an authentic look with useful attire
• This project from the manufacturers` point of view can bring in good changes and be a financially viable one with minimal technicalities or manufacturing complicity

Skirts from men`s shirts by Zenaida received following comments:
• Almost ready, smart concept, although it´s in it´s beginning with only one item 
• You could not eighter yet see the story behind the shirt but the idea behind is good and the skirt design looked commercial 

To be continued soon by products from post-consumer waste category!

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