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Upcycling Design Competition overview (2)

February 25, 2014
Next 4 upcycling ideas from post-consumer waste category with comments from jury.
The best product according to panel voting is dress made of jeans by Josephine Raun. The prize to a best product is the product development support by Reet Aus` team.
Comments from jury to dress made of jeans:
• Ready design and business concept 
• The style is casual but with an elegant touch, easy to wear and ready to be produced
• In this shape the concept could be good for communication/information between waste providers, designers and industry
• Easy to cut and to make

Raincoats for cycling kids by Merle Karro-Karlberg and Karin Bachmann received following comments from jury:
• Good thinking and idea 
• Designs looks new and usable, although a raincoat could be too stiff to use, but as a cape perhaps

Children`s vests by Tilde Grynnerup and Aya Gantriis received following comments:
• Good idea for smaller left over pieces 
• Nice and good design for kids
• The idea could be developed into a whole quilting concept! Especially childrenswear could be in focus
• Interesting surface
• Pockets are just awesome for the children and get little interesting and fun detail

Comments from jury to ulman pants by Ruta and Karlis:
• Nice simple, commercial concept, worth to be developed
• Functional idea, sports style
• Many different ways to develop product for coming seasons

To be continued soon by products from post-consumer waste category!

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