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Upcycling Design Competition overview (1)

February 19, 2014
The Upcycling Design Competition brought 21 design ideas from industrial waste and post-consumer waste categories. This blogpost gives an overview of comments from jury to the products presented to the competition.

First of all, very big thank you to our jury:

* Tone Tobiasson, Project Director of Textilpanelet and editor of 
* Khalid Raihan, the head of human resource management for garment production in Beximco, Bangladesh 
* Arianna Nicoletti, board member of Upcycling Fashion Store in Berlin and the upcycling brand Aluc 
* Peter Dammand, Designer and Profesor in The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Design 
* Kia Koski, free-lance designer and lecturer at Lahti University of Applied Sciences 
* Anu Kylmänen, lecturer at University of Lapland 

And here are the first four products, which are made of industrial waste ...

The best product from industrial waste category according to panel voting is woolen sweater by Kätlin Korol. The prize to a best product is the product development support by Reet Aus` team.

Comments to woolen sweater from jury:
• Design, colour and material suport each other 
• Design is fresh and trendy
• Fit many shapes and different age of users
• Selvage leftovers are generated in huge quantities so the source issue is minimized
• Production of such a sweater could take long if done in small workshops, but it´s the perfect example of an upcycling product reproducible in the industry.

The audience favourite lasercut wall-clock by Kristjan Indus also belongs to industrial waste category.

Comments from jury to wall-clock:
• A nice design idea
• The endproduct is attractive, new and for sure commercial

Simone Simonato bags from cotton clippings received the following comments from jury: 
• It's socially contributing
• Designs is unique and utility is good
• This product gives a real solution to industrial leftovers
• Maybe this idea can use for the clothing?

Rugs from lingerie and cotton leftovers by Lude received the following comments from jury:
• A ready concept
• Very good social thinking behind, involving elderly people in a new sustainable production concept

To be continued soon by products from post-consumer waste category!

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