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TTT Webshop News: Raw Materials and a New Bag Designer

September 24, 2013
One of our fashion designers – Katrina Kaubi – shares pictures of the products used as base material for her collection "Point of View".

And have a look at the new pieces made from these pre-consumer products.

The raw materials for Katrina Kaubi collection are men's shirts and trousers from Beximco, which is one of the biggest fabric and garment producing companies in Bangladesh. It was interesting for me to see the real things from which new designs are made – I hope it will interest you, too.

I am also excited to announce that there is a new accessories designer up in the TTT webshop called Sag+Sal. They make bags from used printing blankets by offset printing technique.

Sag+Sal designers are Rupert Jensch and Andjelko Artic. Both studied printing technology, and Rupert has additionally studied product design. 

Each bag is unique and extremely resilient – the material is waterproof and can be easily cleaned. The design has a clear shape – it is simple, solid and functional, reduced to the essential. Each bag is handmade in Berlin-Neukölln. 

Offset printing is a technique where the inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket (the printing blanket) and then to the printing surface. During the different printing processes, the blankets are exposed to varying colors, causing the individual color nuances of the bags.

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