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The TTT team has been busy

October 25, 2013
The Trash to Trend team has been busy with several parallel actions. First, we now give high priority to inviting more upcycling designers to join the TTT platform. And together with the Edicy team we are preparing the next version of the TTT platform to go up by the end of the year to start a larger marketing campaign together with it. Each product displayed in TTT will show the life-cycle of the product and give an environmental calculation to make the background story easily understandable and transparent for our visitors. And the second priority will be given to the possibility to also buy good-quality design patterns so that everyone can practice high-level upcycling using their own materials and the help of local tailors. So the end of the year is going to be very exciting for us. 

In addition to the platform development, the TTT team, at least part of it, been involved with the Up-shirt campaign in Kickstarter. Prior to that the up-shirt was introduced at the Design Night Festival catwalk show, see that:

And one more thing, in November we're going to hold a Trash to Trend workshop together with Estonian Academy of Arts for Erasmus students from Nordic countries. Hopefully the workshop will help to introduce new upcycling designers in TTT soon enough :)

If you have any ideas and suggestions for Trash to Trend to make upcycling grow in your community and spread globally, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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