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The First Trash to Trend Incubator Idea

November 03, 2014

Trash to Trend is happy to present the first Incubator idea!

Trash to Trend Incubator is an opportunity to join design ideas together. All work in process ideas are displayed on Incubator and everybody can make advance bookings to support the ideas after the first prototypes of products are ready made.

The first Incubator idea is called the CASE, designer Liisa Murdvee is creating coats and jackets under the name of case. Case is a comfortable clothing that can be easily wear and it fits with your body, it's like the second skin.

Cases are made of Estonian Song and Dance Celebration defective T-shirts. T-shirts are lacerated into narrow straps and woven on looms afterwards.

The case will be woven on looms and will be sewn together according sections. Every piece is woven separately and constructs section without cutting it. The technique is mainly an ancient plait carpet technique. All pieces are sewn together in a way that no seams are visible and stitches are hided into fabric. The inside of the case looks the same as the outside.

Cases are very long lasting pieces, designer Liisa Murdvee has tested this method over 10 years and pieces made at the beginning of testing period are looking as new. 

The preparations for weaving cases on looms are made. Next blog post will be showing the first samples of ready woven material.

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Nov 04
It would be nice to see one of those 10 year old pieces on photo.
I actually wanted to comment because I really like the idea of the Design Camp :)
Trash to Trend
Nov 04
Sarolta, very good idea! There will be pictures of 10 year old pieces in "cases" next blog post.

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