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T-shirts by Frank Abner

December 27, 2014
There is another Trash to Trend Incubator project T-shirts by Frank Abner. Young designer Frank Abner designs T-shirts selected from New Use Centre. The T-shirts are chilled out and with simple designs, there are mostly cars, bicycles or nothing on the shirt, Frank also likes playing with little details such as cutting the collars, adding pockets or stitching the sleeves.
Frank Abner likes vintage and retro that's the reason why he gets the inspiration from the 60's and 70's. The working process of T-shirts is quite simple - Frank uses second hand T-shirts without any logos or other illustrations selected from New Use Centre. 

Frank makes sketches according to each T-shirts' individuality and he choose the best one afterwards. 

Next thing is start working on the shirt, the sketch will be lay down and by using special textile markers the design will be copied on shirt. 

After the design is ready Frank adds details as pockets, cutting the collars or stitching the sleeves to the T-shirt.

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anna estany iborra
Apr 27
hola vere el meu blog
dedicado al redisseƱo demisetas y upcycling from barcelona
anna estany
alex lee
Jul 18
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