Experimenting with laboratory glassware in a fusing and slumping kiln

November 23, 2016
As we are sorting out what to design from leftover laboratory glassware, we did a little experiment to see what happens to a piece of lab-glass in a fusing and slumping kiln.

Pottery kiln

The first experiment failed, as the temperature was to high and the tube melted and lost its shape, and we plan to keep the shape. So we have to try with lower temperature.



Some of the ideas we have of what to make out of laboratory glassware:

Storage places
Spice jars
Perfume bottles
Candle holders
Picture frames
Abstract objects
Art objects or installations

Elise Fouin’s ‘Chimisterie’ Vase collection – a little bit of inspiration of how can laboratory glassware be upcycled.

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