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Case - material samples and previously made pieces

November 10, 2014
It was promised to show the first samples of ready woven material. In addition pictures of previously made pieces are also added.

There is one sample of ready woven material on previous picture. It can be seen that the material is still on the looms. 

The jackets on following pictures are made approximately 10 years ago. These jackets are made according to the same technique as new "cases" - an ancient plait carpet technique. The jackets are meant to be furry, the yarns are not the signs of worn-out material.

All questions and ideas concerning the design and technique of "cases" are very welcome!
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Nov 10
Thanks for putting them up! :) Cheers, Sarolta
Helen Newman
Mar 02
Wow, very interesting, did you make the jackets 10 years ago? Or you upcycled them? I assume the latter.
I love the loose threads and I bet the touch is beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

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